Do you hate shopping for glasses? Are in need of styling advice and professional expertise?

Choosing glasses can be difficult. You don’t know what suits you. In most opticians, you will find rows and rows of glasses that all begin to look the same. We prefer to take a different approach fusing fashion with optics to make choosing your new eyewear an enjoyable and effortless experience in which we delight in matching a frame that best compliments your personality and image. Whether they are for everyday wear or a special occasion, our personalized styling experience will help find you a pair individual to you alone.

Our recipe for amazing eyewear

Prep time: 40 mins

We will have a chat about your eyewear, what's important to you, what you are looking for and based on what you tell us, our stylist's will give you their input and recommendations.

We then move on to the fun part of trying on frames. Our stylist's will pick frames that are relevant to your taste and that will look good on you.

Together, we will look at all the possiblities and narrow it down to the eyewear that is going to be the best fit with what you need.

At the end of your consultation, If we find something you like we can certainly order the glasses for you. If you don't find anything that's quite right then thats fine too. There is no pressure.


Need help with eyewear styling?

Our stylists will listen to what your style and visual needs are and guide you to choosing the perfect new frames and lenses