Ashton Riley Eyewear is our flagship brand. Designed in-house by company owner and highly acclaimed British eyewear designer Brett Waugh. Brett has made eyewear for many well known brands; Oliver Goldsmith, Karen Millen, John Lewis, Wolf Eyewear & French Connection to name a few.

After many years designing eyewear for many major brands, Brett Waugh decided to take the reigns of his own company.

He wanted to create something that was accessible to the masses that still provided quality and style, across the board from adults to children. He wanted the brand to reflect his family morals and decided to name it after his son, Ashton.

"There is no imagination better than a child's, they have no limits"

Ashton's favourite animal is a Gorilla, and born was the logo of Ashton Riley the Gorilla.

Ashton Riley Eyewear captures an imagination with no limits. From colourful, cool and quirky, to sleek, chic and luxury...we are the masters of designing what the public want!